interior design: oh.hi studio
area: 50 sqm
year: 2022
location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Da'corner is an eatery cherished by the owner - who was born and raised in the land of mist named "Dalat". They want to bring the slow, idyllic breath of that place to dynamic Saigon. 
The space is formed from three main concepts: the mist, friendliness and simplicity of people. Polycarbonate sheets are useds as the main material for the facade as well as the open kitchen counter - with a flexible opening and closing mechanism with the improvised pace of life of Saigon, and at the same time friendly as the behavior of Dalat people.
Inside the shop is an idyllic color set with earth tones, wooden tables and chairs weaving among the green areas of trees cared for by the owner. Under the heavy pressure of Saigon's traffic, the charmingly nestled small eatery is a peaceful place to send rustic flavors from the misty land.
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